Prague Airbnb Apartments and Studios

Welcome to Prague! In this website, you will find useful tips for staying in Prague, beautiful historical city in the heart of Europe. If you are looking for the accommodation in Prague Airbnb apartments, private, very local and listed on Airbnb, then you are in the right place.

Prague Airbnb Apartments

When you want to stay in a nice and cozy place in the center of Old Prague, choose our Prague Airbnb accommodation. As a result, you will take nice memories from Prague with you. Of course you will be always welcome – families, friends, business visitors. 

Praze Airbnb Apartments

We want to provide you with superb accommodation, therefore our places are continuously improved. What more, they are usually designed in respect to historical character of the building or the location.

Ubytování Praha centrum – Apartmány v samém srdci Prahy

Jedinečné výhledy na celou Prahu – poklad mezi apartmány Airbnb PLUS

Komfortní apartmá v samém srdci Prahy s terasou Airbnb PLUS

Elegantní apartmán v Lucerně – ubytování Praha centrum

Zpátky do historie – ubytování Praha centrum

Útulný apartmán v srdci Prahy – ubytování Praha centrum

Historický apartmán v srdci Prahy – ubytování Praha centrum

Bright Comfortable Hideaway in Central Prague

Prague Jewish Quarter City Center Terrace Studio

Prague Absolute Centre Hideaway TV Washer Dryer

Comfortable Flat Old Town Jewish Quarter St. Agnes 2BDR TV

The Magical Garden – Old House Prague Centre

Old Prague Baroque Gem with Terrace

Modern Living Nice Residential Area Vršovice TV Washer Dryer

Apartmány Salabka